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A Russian Military method of exercise that improves core strength and muscular endurance. Builds stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance through swinging, squatting and lunging with the use of weights. This is an exercise that improves full body integration and core stabilization.

Pole Fitness
Pole Dancing strengthens and tones the whole body while using the pole to its maximum potential as a flexible piece of fitness equipment. It improves muscle tone, coordination, posture and flexibility as well as core and upper body strength.

Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact body sport. Using striking, kicking and grabbing mixed in with a wide variety of combat techniques.
Including the prominent arts of karate, kung fu, muay thai, and boxing.

Zumba is a Latin and International music inspired workout. Uses dance to make a fun way to get fit. Routines feature aerobic fitness training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

Self Defence
Self-defense is a set of assertiveness and confrontation skills. Using safety strategies and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist or survive an attack. Provides verbal skills, psychological awareness and confidence in self-protection.

Brazilian Ju Jitsu
Focuses on ground fighting and grappling using leverage, chokeholds and joint-locking to beat an opponent

Boxing is a sport widely known around the world. Using fists and foot work with repetitive motion in punching and movement. Supports core muscles of the body improving muscle endurance, toning and strength in arms and legs.

Muay Thai Boxing
From Thailand a form of boxing sometimes using heavy pads focusing on defensive and offensive with knees, shins, elbows, kicks and, grappling. Increases stamina, improves muscle tone and increases strength and flexibility.

Combat Circuit
Circuit workouts using Mixed Martial Arts. Program with high intensity aimed to help weight loss and building of muscles.

A group physical training program with a military feel to it. Intense workout using a variety of different fitness methods.

Body Pump
A LES MILLS™ barbell class sculping, toning and strengthening your entire body. Using repetition movements, burning fat, gaining strength and lean body muscle conditioning.

Body Balance
A Pilates workout that builds strength and flexibility throughout the body. Using Yoga and Tai Chi as part of a relaxing workout.

RPM is a LES MILLS™ workout standing for Reps Per Minute. It is the indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of a variety of music within a group.

Indoor cycling workout as a group with an instructor.

Glutes Attack
A variety of standing and floor based exercises. This class focuses on the tone and shape of the glutes muscles, abdominal and thigh area.